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My life is absolutely influenced by my childhood. An incredibly happy childhood.
When I wasn’t playing ball or climbing a tree, I was drawing.
At first, my versions of Superman and Spiderman, and then creating my own characters,
usually superheroes (very different from any other kid, right?).
But I had something that no other kid had: AURA.
Don’t get me wrong, that was my mother’s name, Aura, a wonderful soul that bought me canvases, brushes and paints, and always encouraged me to illustrate.
My influences started with Hanna-Barbera and Walt Disney, but then I discovered Dali, Michelangelo, Sir William Bouguereau.
So if I had to define my style I would have to say "a bit of everything" from hyperrealistic to figurative. I’ve worked with pencils, crayons, oils, acrylics but lately, what I do is a pencil sketch, scan it and do the final details on the computer.
The illustration has always been a vessel to express alternate realities.
I usually write a short story about the character I am creating (its origins, personality, or some feature that defines it emotionally). A story that spawns parallelly with the illustration.
Illustration has always been to me a way to escape the everyday routine, the boring and not so nice reality around us. I can sit down to draw and spend hours without a pause,  without noticing how long it’s been.
"What if ...?"
Every time I start a creative process I ask myself that question and usually interesting results come afloat.